Java/Swing extreme GUI makeover

Romain Guy’s video demonstrating what can we do with Java/Swing. The application is a Java clone of Thunderbird on Windows XP.

Duration : 0:4:21

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  1. Devourer09 says:

    Cool, I suppose, no …
    Cool, I suppose, no sound though.

  2. segapla says:

    wooo, Is any look …
    wooo, Is any look and feel available to download?
    well done!

  3. littleplop says:

    Really nice dude!
    Really nice dude!

  4. ravkass says:


  5. beat843796 says:

    unbelieveable that …
    unbelieveable that this is possible with swing. great job

  6. aserid says:

    Amazing ! Do you …
    Amazing ! Do you know any sources (links, books) where you can learn how to create such a beautiful GUI ?

  7. ravkass says:

    You should look at …
    You should look at Romain Guy’s website (the developer). He has many demo apps with source code. If your java knowledge is good, you can look at the source and figure things out and build your own apps.

  8. aserid says:

    Thanks for your …
    Thanks for your reply !
    Yeah – I googled yesterday and I got to the page
    you mentioned. There is even an explanation how it was
    done (on some slides). Anyway – it’s a piece of great job !



  9. ravkass says:

    Hey can you PM me …
    Hey can you PM me the page you got just in case its different from the page I am referencing (so that I can have a look also).

  10. SlaskarN says:


  11. barkodar says:

    Creating a Ruby …
    Creating a Ruby Weblog in 99 Sec

  12. king4eve1 says:

    wow amazing
    good …

    wow amazing
    good work thanks

  13. zakir2004 says:

    It would be nice if …
    It would be nice if explained a bit more and bring the screen a bit close

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