java program

Sales and inventory system using the Java language, this system is my greatest development ever it took me almost a year to complete this..
I just like to share what java can do..

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  1. PepinIsAGenius says:

    WOW!! I like it!! …
    WOW!! I like it!! Java is REALLY powerful. I mean, it IS the reason I live! We have A LOT in common. Remember: When in doubt, brace it out!!! Okay? GOOD.

  2. crumbsnatcher001 says:

    Can u tell me how …
    Can u tell me how to read java and stuff i would like to do some stuff message me telling me how to do it.

    P.S. Doing that kinda of stuff isnt illegal is it

  3. kramerican says:

    Thats amazing, you …
    Thats amazing, you think you could send me that?

  4. ArmyScoutRanger says:

    what is the title …
    what is the title of the song?

  5. Mirandades says:

    whats the purpose …
    whats the purpose of this program????????? is hard to tell

  6. abellawal says:

    I think it is meant …
    I think it is meant to be some sort of inventory program, i really like it though!

  7. bobbyjava says:

    nice one dude, its …
    nice one dude, its nice to see that java is getting better and better and people like u spend time to learn and write program with it. I know java since 2000 and Im telling you guys if u really wanna learn a programming language go for java, java rocks.

  8. ahice0 says:

    great great work;
    I …

    great great work;
    I wish I could see the source code;
    Could I ask for source?

  9. mrlundt says:

    Try deleting you …
    Try deleting you program ?

    Just 4 fun !

    but very nice program , i you’ve made it youself

    but i think you have ;D


  10. sumfortyone says:

    i churn milk once …
    i churn milk once or twice living in the Amish paradise…

    Really nice app. Looks really profesional, well done.

  11. dearChrifer says:

    Looks good.
    Please …

    Looks good.
    Please mail me the source.

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