New Security Features in Internet Explorer 7

Markellos Diorinos from the IE team at Microsoft introduces the new security features in IE 7 and speaks about extended validation SSL certificates. He also covers the Certification Authority Browser Forum whose members apart from Microsoft include also the Mozilla Foundation, Opera Software and KDE.

Duration : 0:6:18

8 Responses to “New Security Features in Internet Explorer 7”

  1. formula734 says:

    Thank you for this …
    Thank you for this enlightening presentation. It was a delight to listen. Keep posting new videos please.

  2. loradora132 says:

    Oh I feel so secure …
    Oh I feel so secure now…

  3. Itscheho says:

    lol firefox is …
    lol firefox is still better xD

  4. meisinscotland says:

    Firefox does not …
    Firefox does not extend it’s security across the system nor does it use Zones. It is NOT secure.

  5. pclover says:

    Hey IE 7 still has …
    Hey IE 7 still has drive by downloads. Use Firefox FTW! IE 7 Sucks

  6. MGD230 says:

    Ella re eladara… …
    Ella re eladara… Ton akoyw einai ka8ara Ellhnas.

    He is a Greek I can understand his accent

  7. Amfitrionas says:


  8. NIKOLAKION says:

    kai gw simera to …
    kai gw simera to eida .ontos dikos mas einai ka8arotiti elliniki profora. Geia sou re Markelle.

    Welcome new feature in IE7 that I dont use, but sound good for simple users.

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