Is Your PC Feeling a Little Bloated?

PC Pitstop separates the ‘bloatware’ hype from reality. Which PC manufacturer is the King of Bloat? PC Pitstop examines 8 brand new computers and documents the winners & losers.

Duration : 0:5:4

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  1. rebekahsue says:

    I’m here via the …
    I’m here via the Consumerist article.

    What a fabulous video. I’m saving it to my Favorites – not only to blog, but to watch when I buy my next machine. I’m grateful to the people who bought all those laptops so they could show us.

    This video deserves five stars for content!!

  2. Dialexio says:

    That’s not an iBook …
    That’s not an iBook; that’s a MacBook. :P

    This video is really great, though. Kudos to you guys on this video! This would definitely help out people on what brand to buy without getting bloatware while getting a good deal.

  3. cbmasternet says:

    This video is …
    This video is misleading when showing the manufacturers installing 60-day trials of Office to PCs. HP does do the same thing as well, so don’t know why that got a smiley. I bought this computer and Office 2003 60-day trial was included (HP Pavlion a706n)

  4. smoketetsu says:

    Apple has also …
    Apple has also included trials of Microsoft Office with their computers. I don’t know if they still do it but my G4 Mac came with it.

  5. kdosaki says:

    Acer seem ideal. …
    Acer seem ideal. Not much other than Norton. Plus it means I get to wipe out all traces of symantec, a process I have grown to love over the years and years and years…

  6. vivalanation734 says:

    wow…. he called a …
    wow…. he called a macbook an iBook.

    please know what you are talking about before you post videos.

  7. allnicknamesaretaken says:

    or you just build …
    or you just build ur own pc…

  8. eunwooh says:

    dude the guy typed …
    dude the guy typed in ‘pcitstop’ !obviously its not gna go to the proper website!! watch that segment properly again

  9. 1wellhowdydoo1 says:

    apple’s the best …
    apple’s the best though

  10. GilB8s says:

    or you do what 95% …
    or you do what 95% of the rest of us do-and buy an oem

  11. T5226 says:

    I think he meant to …
    I think he meant to do that because he was showing that if you don’t type in a correct address, Google shows advertising.

  12. cookiemonster805 says:

    I love playing …
    I love playing WIldTangent Games ^^
    im a victim of “Fate” but I just used Limewire on its ass!

  13. zalifer says:

    Em… thats the …
    Em… thats the point.Erroneous websites means wrong.

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