Google Developers Day US -Google and the Geoweb

“Google and the Geoweb
Michael T. Jones
Do you want to reach the largest possible audience, in the most innovative ways, with your geospatial data? If so, then KML is the answer. KML is a file format used to display geographic data in a geo-browser, such as Google Earth, Google Maps, and Google Maps for mobile. We’ll give you a tour of what is possible in KML and show you how to create your own custom map layers. We’ll also talk about how you can help Google to index your geospatial content (KML, GeoRSS and more) so that we can send more search traffic your way.

Speaker Bio: Bent joined Google in January 2006 and is a software engineer working on KML and KML tools. Previous to Google Bent worked at Opera Software and Silicon Graphics.

Lior is the Product Manager for geo search in Google, where he is trying to help the world around us get mapped using the power of the masses. Before joining Google, Lior co-founded a medical device and a search startup, and served in various managerial positions in the Israeli Intelligence, where he worked on GIS and search problems. Lior holds an MBA from Stanford and BSc and MS from the Technion – the Israeli institute for technology.

Michael Jones is Chief Technology Officer of the Google Earth service for distributed geospatial visualization to users worldwide. He is co-founder of Keyhole, the company taken over by Google to create Google Earth. In addition, he is a popular technical presenter, an inventor with eleven issued U.S. patents, a director on private company boards, and an associate in several Silicon Valley projects. He was formerly President & CEO of Intrinsic Graphics, Director of Advanced Graphics Software at Silicon Graphics responsible for OpenGL, Performer, and all other graphics APIs, co-founder of a movie coloring company, and a computer graphics consultant during the 1980s. He has been a computer programmer since the fourth grade. “

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    Thanks for the video. It is not working from 9:48 sec onwards, Can you rectify, thank you google

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    cool video …
    cool video hopefully all this google software will push to google makin a web browser

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    Good one. Thank you …
    Good one. Thank you Google

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    Whats wrong with …
    Whats wrong with firefox?

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    Google making its …
    Google making its own browser may be a good idea because it would divide up the focus of viruses and junk.

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    Nice Movie Guys – hes a legend!

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