The Smazzer

This is the SMAZZER!!
The original idea was to play audio samples on a PC by hitting some objects…
A little java applet controls serial signals (rs-232) sent by a Basic Stamp 2 (by Parallax Inc).
The BS runs a very banal program that communicates the numbers of each closed circuit relative to the pins, connected to the covers (in my hands: metal bars connected to Vdd).
The java applet simply plays some .wav files (the samples) for each “touched object”.

This is just a first prototype: connections are very bad and the contacts not always work good (as you can hear and see)…

(samples taken from the song “people are people”, by Depeche Mode)
Enjoy the Smazzer!

Duration : 0:0:35

5 Responses to “The Smazzer”

  1. Claudietta85 says:

    People are people! …
    People are people! ah ah ah lol Genius!

  2. Casertana86 says:

    You’re a genius!!!! …
    You’re a genius!!!! Great work!!!! Compliments!!!

  3. martinlgore says:

    but what are the …
    but what are the covers of the Mastrota’s pots? it’s a joke.. Very compliments!!!

  4. concretewhole says:

    I thought it was a …
    I thought it was a mouse trap at first

  5. RomySinner says:

    People are people …
    People are people made by Marco Wilder!!! Genioooo!! Sei un mito!!! (TheSinnerInside!)

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