This is a cool video to learn Enterprise Java Bean.In fact I found a very helpful stuff on EJB.This is so nice and helpful that I created the video so that it becomes visible to maximum people.The author is from “Mr. Kanti Prasad” . Authors email is at the end of the video.I just compiled it into a video format.

Duration : 0:10:30

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  1. scited says:

    Good effort but …
    Good effort but making a video out of Powerpoint slides isn’t useful. It is bad enough to try to learn from a slide set without the speaker. Further in video format the text is often very hard to read.

  2. kumarmusic says:

    Will be putting a …
    Will be putting a better version soon.

  3. funnynet says:

    very good …
    very good powerpoint, the author put a lot of work, just can not read the more detail because of the video not very clear, do appreciate what you do for all,
    thank you

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