Java 11: Swing GUI Intro

Using Netbeans 5.5.1 & Java 1.6:

int tempFahr = (int) ((Double.parseDouble(degreesTextField.getText()))
* 1.8 + 32);
fahrenheitLabel.setText(tempFahr + ” Fahrenheit”);

Duration : 0:9:1

17 Responses to “Java 11: Swing GUI Intro”

  1. namesmike says:

    do u use layout …
    do u use layout managers much, how does netbeans work with them?

  2. johnycv says:

    very good vid man ! …
    very good vid man !!!

  3. MYLITTLEANGEL791 says:


  4. hammett79 says:

    great job!
    great job!

  5. kevlarsbankai says:

    this is lovely!
    this is lovely!

  6. maysam1382 says:


  7. p90pickup says:

    good job, thanks …
    good job, thanks for the vid’s

  8. strykaar says:

    very easy to …
    very easy to understand, thanks

  9. Nojtb says:

    usless video unless …
    usless video unless ya got the program, ill get it and read everything. i dont like having to use programs like this (or dreamweaver) it just makes ya dummer eventually. (unable to write codes with ya eyes closed lol)

  10. riflemaster says:

    get a girlfriend …
    get a girlfriend you noob

  11. LunatecSE says:

    Nice introduction, …
    Nice introduction,
    I would like to see some more, thanks ;)

  12. AshiharaKaikan says:

    Hey man, great …
    Hey man, great hints … thank you very much for the help. Please re-check your code because you’ve declared tempFahr as an int but you are making some calculations with float numbers like 1.8 so … altough you will not recieve an error .. you won’t recieve the right results. Still, great work and keep it up. Best of luck.

  13. zakir2004 says:

    you are a legend …
    you are a legend man plz try some more

  14. mirkodin says:

    Nice, somewhat very …
    Nice, somewhat very simple. “package” part is not very clear. Good job!

  15. watcher855 says:

    the video would be …
    the video would be perfect, if the screen was in full size. Thanks mooving view from one corner to another corner it is a little bit bad-arranged. but all over this, good job

  16. Taser15 says:

    System.out.print(“: …

  17. mdumser says:

    Very nice …
    Very nice presentation… I am wondering if I can ask you how the video was created? I like the narrow focus, which makes it very clear as to what you are doing. Just not sure how it was achieved. What type of encoder did you use? Did you use a conveerter as well?
    At any rate, your presentation was clear (legible) and easy to follow.

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