Anti-Virus battle

The great battle of the Anti-Viruses.
Anti-Viruses and data protectors competing:
Norton Internet Security
AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition
Spybot Search & Destroy
Kaspersky Internet Security

Duration : 0:4:2

25 Responses to “Anti-Virus battle”

  1. DaDaminator8811P says:

    have tried all of …
    have tried all of em and i would have to i say that avast is the best imp, because it detects viruses very quick, and kaspersky is good also, but it seems like it doesn’t detect viruses as quick as avast, especailly when you use kaspersky for your favorite p2p apps, of course limewire, because when i felt like doing a random test with both kaspersky and avast while downloading a stupid file with a virus, it ended up showing up that it detected

  2. bnpthackeru says:

    yes AVG … good …
    yes AVG … good anti-virus (:

  3. ShadowRSonic says:

    Yup! avast is the …
    Yup! avast is the best, it blocks malware before it eneters your pc!

  4. pickyantivirus says:

    kaspersky has to …
    kaspersky has to win this easy.highest detection rate and most updates…..but i have to say avast ca beet the fuck out of norton easy!

  5. prefettodanyrrrt says:

    the winner is…… …
    the winner is……kaspersky

  6. curemymind says:

    tho these r free i …
    tho these r free i think i forgot but i’ve used both of these and they cant protect u against really bad viruses or remove them:| soo idk if u like them idk but i wont put such low quality protection on any of my pc’s or the pc’s i fix

  7. pcmatt360 says:

    that hell of a lot …
    that hell of a lot time paid off did it not that is why i like kaspersky

  8. TomiR18 says:


  9. BankheadBoyCool says:

    You guys don’t know …
    You guys don’t know the best anti-virus program, i’m a master at this shyt and the best anti-virus program is Bitdefender period

  10. Drolhoofd1 says:

    yes indeed i have …
    yes indeed i have kaspersky too and it detect very slow, i installed backdoor trojan to trick someone and i opened the map, no security alerts 1 min later alert

  11. thissnowtastfunny says:

    avast avg nortan …
    avast avg nortan ect are the best :D

  12. simkinggold101 says:

    Yer AVG *grabs disk …
    Yer AVG *grabs disk* is really *opens microwave* good atually *10:00* i never *presses go* get any virusis. Its great. What anti-virus shud i get i need the best plz

  13. santosnino says:

    i got norton …
    i got norton internet security and it works pretty good.

  14. snitchuk says:

    The best anti-virus …
    The best anti-virus out there is windows-live onecare FTW, its made by microsoft!

  15. AehBeeSea says:

    kaspersky owns awll.
    kaspersky owns awll.

  16. xurlap says:

    meh,thankssssss to …
    meh,thankssssss to the video. Kapersky would be good, i tried avast but it starts up slow for my 600 mhz comp -.- well havent tried it so ill see what happens. By the way Norton sucks! My dad used it for 2 months and found out he has debit card fraud, i tried avast on his comp, found 13 back doors 0.0(because i used keygens on his comp *uh oh* im the criminal)

  17. Nikushabbb says:

    yeah kaspersky 4 …
    yeah kaspersky 4 ever!

  18. razor191919 says:

    Norton ^^;
    Norton …

    Norton ^^;
    Norton is an aggressive virus protection, So, that’s why there was non in the scan, b/c Norton stops and removes them on it’s own ^^;

  19. razor191919 says:

    :| Avast, tells you …
    :| Avast, tells you that you have viruses when you really don’t … I tried Avast right after I got a new computer and it said I had 204 Virus, when the computer was only running for 2Hr. so… yeah Avast is a lie :|

  20. prefettodanyrrrt says:

    il majo antivirus è …
    il majo antivirus è il g data gli altri fanno skifo

  21. prefettodanyrrrt says:

    g data 4 ever!!
    g data 4 ever!!

  22. hellzfire15 says:

    kaspersky slows …
    kaspersky slows down your computer by 10% i believe, but the anti virus thing is great on it.

  23. Raichiuga says:

    are these free? …
    are these free? Because i really need one that works and is free.

  24. ajazaad says:

    obviously kaspersky
    obviously kaspersky

  25. cristi092 says:

    Kaspersky is very …
    Kaspersky is very good as anti-virus

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