TUTORIAL: The basics of making a video game review.

This Tutorial is meant for people who are thinking of making a game review.
I havent been doing reviews long, but i have been on youtube for quite some time now.
I think i have learnt alot from it, and id like to share it with you guys.
Here are the links which i said id post here.
camstudio screen recording software:


Gens emulator:

Duration : 0:9:58

6 Responses to “TUTORIAL: The basics of making a video game review.”

  1. kazed2010 says:

    You remind me of M. …
    You remind me of M. Shadows..Kinda.. Dunno why. This vids pretty informative, yo..Why don’t you have more subscribers? Subscribed, dude.

  2. 2597030 says:


  3. RocMegamanX says:

    No prob…I hope to …
    No prob…I hope to get my PC fixed, so I can do reviews.

    Hope I don’t record the stuff wrong.

  4. ss4cypher says:

    wow that was good 5 …
    wow that was good 5/5

  5. theoldgamer says:

    and you look more …
    and you look more like zacky vengenace

  6. Stargate472 says:

    Sounds good, your …
    Sounds good, your room is very GOTHIC in a way

    just saying

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