cymatic online applet

i found some scientific toys on this site:
the most interesting one in my opinion, is the round/rectangular membrane waves applet, which is like a virtual cymatics thingy. i wish there were more stuff like this…something like a program that works with both audio and midi signals, and plays the sound continuously… anyone know something?

Duration : 0:1:37

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  1. DimmuB says:

    THANK YOU SO MUCH, I have been looking for a cymatics program, thanks bro good post ;}

  2. daveslev says:


  3. stigandr says:

    in english, you …
    in english, you think? norwegian: kymatikk. so far i’ve only seen and heard it with a C, pronounced “S” in english.
    but yes, i think K is more correct :)
    Kymatikk, Kyborg, Julius K├Žsar etc etc…

  4. daveslev says:

    Actually I feel it …
    Actually I feel it should be pronounced with a ‘K’ as opposed to an ‘S’ too. It’s from Greek Kyma meaning wave. It’s a really excellent site though. I’ve been having great fun with the electronic circuit applet.

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