Tutorial: Copying PS2 games [spoof]

NOTE: This is a spoof.
A video showing how to burn and crack PS2 games using free burning software.
Sorry about quality but it’s recorded via mobile phone.
Hotwire – Invisible

Duration : 0:1:41

14 Responses to “Tutorial: Copying PS2 games [spoof]”

  1. xtremegamerx says:

    That was pretty …
    That was pretty damn good guys. Got a good lol out of it. If you want to learn how to really do this though just check out my videos.

    Thanks for the laugh

  2. BilliardsPlayer777 says:

    XP that funny man
    XP that funny man

  3. liljonr says:

    lol :D
    lol :D

  4. russ94 says:

    haha burn crack
    haha burn crack

  5. gilns says:


  6. cuda92 says:

    lol ur nero keeps …
    lol ur nero keeps crashing so up it to like 130% nitro burn and 30% oil buner and 1000% more flame lol make sure it gets hot lolz

  7. troshark408 says:


  8. troshark408 says:

    i tried this it …
    i tried this it didnt work
    can u tell me why :(

  9. Krzychuckpl says:

    love the song < …
    love the song <333333333333333333333

  10. gejm says:

    xD looool
    xD looool

  11. dakiffaaa says:

    This is a Joke XD
    This is a Joke XD

  12. gabrielpoa2007 says:

    stupid idiot …
    stupid idiot motherfucker!Don┬Ět make people lose time with your stupid video!

  13. DriftK13 says:

    I’ve always wanted …
    I’ve always wanted this song i cant find it anywhere

  14. hassan1996 says:

    what this is a joke
    what this is a joke

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