howto draw an eye in Corel Painter X

This is my new video, and my first video trying to explain how to draw an eye in corel painter x, using pencils. I try to explain you how to use basicaly corel tools.

I’m not an expert at this software, it is my 3rd drawing using it. :)

And I drew with a mouse, I don’t have a pen yet. :) )
comment and enjoy.

I hope you find it useful.

Duration : 0:6:14

7 Responses to “howto draw an eye in Corel Painter X”

  1. Vic182 says:

    (not sure if the …
    (not sure if the first comment posted… so just to make sure – I’ve posted this one)

    wow this is great!

    I can’t draw with the mouse… but I have a pen tablet so it’s not too bad

  2. XxnoitcelferxX says:

    That was cool, I …
    That was cool, I want to buy the Painter X program and a tablet. What song/artist is that in the video?

  3. Exciphos says:

    I didn’t buy my …
    I didn’t buy my painter x… :) )
    the song is “Appears” and the artist is “Ayumi Hamasaki”.

    thank you for the comment!! :)

  4. XxnoitcelferxX says:

    I thought that was …
    I thought that was Ayumi : ) and lucky you not having to spend 400 on that haha! *jelous*
    : P

  5. Exciphos says:

    Don’t be jelous, do …
    Don’t be jelous, do you want it free too?
    :) )
    I can send you a link to download it for free.
    :) )

    Thank you for the comment, and for your subscription to my videos.
    :) )

    You’re welcome to comment whenever you want.

  6. superzaff says:

    Very nice to see …
    Very nice to see other working with Painter X.I have it myself.I used all draw/paintsoftware there is,and realy this is the best you can get :D .
    These days I want to show my works on you-tube also.Can you please tell me with what program you record this vid?

  7. 777Sir says:

    ebaaaaay :D If you …
    ebaaaaay :D If you want it legal, and cheap…

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