Java Programming – Change Calculator

High quality version at:—Change-Calculator
If you want to see the code more clearly, please click the above link!

This is a short video of me in real time, programming a small application in Java, using JCreator. I did make some mistakes, I missed off 5 semi-colons. I fixed this when I ran the compiler, which isn’t shown.

Please comment and rate. I’m only currently learning Java. So this is a very simple program that runs using a basic output, such as JCreator’s General Output window or a Command Prompt window. In this video, you see it running from JCreator’s General Output window.
I may do another video like this. Perhaps something more complicated when I have an idea.

If anyone has a question about the code in this video, I’ll try to answer it.

Thank you.

*This video is in the “Science & Technology” category because it’s sort of “technology” related.

Duration : 0:4:16

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  1. MetalGearLol says:

    Ratings and …
    Ratings and constructive comments are welcome!

  2. gohanfinalbout says:

    Cool. When you …
    Cool. When you learn GUIs, put videos up! :)

  3. MetalGearLol says:

    Thanks, I certainly …
    Thanks, I certainly will do. :)

  4. xHuntedGunzPCGx says:

    you guys were …
    you guys were taught strangely i prefer
    Scanner input = new Scanner

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