Java Programming – The Riddle Game

My latest Java program, The Riddle. It’s a simple console output based game. You have to guess six riddles, can you do it? Will you reach the end with a perfect 6/6 score?

You can find out by downloading it! It’s as easy as clicking on this link: and downloading the very small installer! Try it out and give constructive feedback please.

The Riddle was built in JCreator. And compiled into an executable JAR by NativeJ.

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Duration : 0:1:45

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  1. Longhorndude08 says:

    dude this is pretty …
    dude this is pretty easy 2 program, u should try putting them in a do… while loop, so if they get it wrong, they have to guess again

  2. Longhorndude08 says:

    also you should …
    also you should learn how to use concatination/quick keys (such as \n) so you won’t have so many System.out.println();s

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