Install JCreator and JDK for Java Programming

This is a vid on how to install JCreator onto your computer, which can be used to create Java programs.
–I Finally Got A New Microphone :)

More videos on how to actually write programs will come later, and if you want to create programs without JCreator, message me and i’ll release a vid on how to do that, but it shouldn’t be necessary.


Duration : 0:8:16

4 Responses to “Install JCreator and JDK for Java Programming”

  1. Blak3carp47 says:

    uhhh i lose u win i …
    uhhh i lose u win i had to clikc on mi JDK file lol i didnt have 1.. but thnx i guess..

  2. Longhorndude08 says:

    wen u downloaded it …
    wen u downloaded it, did u save it into a folder in ur documents?

  3. Blak3carp47 says:


  4. Longhorndude08 says:

    then when you …
    then when you double clicked on it, did some sun download manager come up

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