Java Programming #1 Basics: Screen Output (“Hello World”)

This is the first video on java programming, pretty simple, below is a little practice/challenge. When I first tried to upload this video, it was like 1 min. 30 sec. too long, so if its confusing, i’ll send u the other one, and if u want i’ll send u the one I recorded which the audio is off, so ill probably delete it soon.

\n –new line
\t –tab
\” –”
\\ –\

publid class fileName{
public static void main(String[]beans){
methods mth=new methods();;
class methods{
public void{
System.out.println(“HELLO YOUTUBE”);

write a program to output your initials using 5 lines with the characters \,|,/,_,-,(,),etc.

BONUS: Do it using one System.out.print();

Duration : 0:10:4

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