Configuring a VPN

INFORMATION: Save money on long distance charges. Use the Internet to send and receive packets from your hotel while away on business. a VPN is a Virtual Private Network, not like the public Internet.Duration : 0:3:33

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BrandPlay iDMN (using “MultiFX Network” from MultiSell)

BrandPlay iDMN is an Interactive Digital Marketing Network utilizing floor & Wall space as interactive large format screens.

Consumers interact and play with the brand and build strong brand loyalty and even sales lift in-store.

Our systems are currently being installed in shopping malls, cinemas, sport arenas, airports, and even in-store in large hypermarkets. All the floor screens are centrally controlled via VPN connection to our servers in Dubai.

We are building the digital signage network across high footfall indoor locations in the Middle East.

The 3 partners in this large set up is MultiSell Technology (Reactor units and system integration of networked version, statistics module etc), Sanyo Gulf (High-End Projectors and digital signage Management & Control) as well as ITS in Kuwait. The company has just secured its first round of seeding capital and fixed locations are rolling out from October 2007. Fixed & Temporary campaign locations are offered now.

More info at

or join our group at:


David Holm-Glad

Mohamed El Omari
http://www.brandplay.aeDuration : 0:1:56

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Vitual Private Networks

This episode discusses the benefits of Virtual Private Networks (VPN). It describes what they are and how they can be used to increase productivity in a mobile workforce.
www.dlinktv.comDuration : 0:7:3

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setting up internet on PearPC, Windows XP and wireless

This time I show you how to set up a network connection on PearPC with Windows XP through a wireless connection, I also provide XP wired instructions.

Download OpenVPN here:

At the part where it skips I was trying to say you can open it with Notepad Wordpad or Microsoft Word.Duration : 0:9:48

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Hamachi for Secure Network Computing – In the past, I have never really used VPN. It just seems so complicated and costly. However, using open wireless networks while out and about, I’m definitely concerned about privacy and safety.Duration : 0:10:15

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Network Security Certification

The Network Security Manager certificate provides students the knowledge and skills needed to prepare for careers as security systems analysts, security business analysts, database administrators, or system development managers.Duration : 0:5:41

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Cisco ASA 5500 Series VPN Edition Video Data Sheet

Learn about the features and specifications of the Cisco ASA 5500 Series VPN Edition. More info: : 0:3:20

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Setting up vpn and network file servers : 0:4:9

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Vpn Network/Russell

Setup of a VPN networkDuration : 0:8:45

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Windows Vista – Setup and Connect to Network with Simplicity

Windows Vista sreamlines the process of connecting to networks and enables you to connect to any type of network–local wireless networks, corporate networks through a virtual private network (VPN) or a remote access service (RAS), or dial-up– all from the Network Center.Duration : 0:2:32

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