Java Chapter 3 Part 3 (BodyMassApplet)

Create the Applet in Chapter 3 of the Shelly Cashman book Java Programming for NMSU-Grants OECS216Duration : 0:9:58

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Java Programming Chapter 2 Help Part 2

Here is some help to create your own application and applet based on Chapter 2 in Shelly Cashman series text Java Programming Comprehensive.Duration : 0:8:42

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cymatic online applet

i found some scientific toys on this site:
the most interesting one in my opinion, is the round/rectangular membrane waves applet, which is like a virtual cymatics thingy. i wish there were more stuff like this…something like a program that works with both audio and midi signals, and plays the sound continuously… anyone know something?Duration : 0:1:37

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The Smazzer

This is the SMAZZER!!
The original idea was to play audio samples on a PC by hitting some objects…
A little java applet controls serial signals (rs-232) sent by a Basic Stamp 2 (by Parallax Inc).
The BS runs a very banal program that communicates the numbers of each closed circuit relative to the pins, connected to the covers (in my hands: metal bars connected to Vdd).
The java applet simply plays some .wav files (the samples) for each “touched object”.

This is just a first prototype: connections are very bad and the contacts not always work good (as you can hear and see)…

(samples taken from the song “people are people”, by Depeche Mode)
Enjoy the Smazzer!Duration : 0:0:35

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java program

Sales and inventory system using the Java language, this system is my greatest development ever it took me almost a year to complete this..
I just like to share what java can do..Duration : 0:6:17

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Video captured from an applet Java developed with Processing, an open source language for media and art programming.
www.sun-art.orgDuration : 0:0:46

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A processing sketch that uses daniel shiffman´s library to read out the motion sensor of a laptop and use it as a toy.
Details on DasAutomat.comDuration : 0:0:50

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T.E.D.D.Y. (Draw in 2D – Outputs in 3D)

Teddy is a Java-Applet Drawing Program that takes the 2D images you draw and renders them in 3D. The alogrithm adds shading according to the strokes and connections between the lines. This is truly a cool program for anyone and everyone!Duration : 0:5:1

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Torch Applet beta

Loads an applet ( soon to be any JComponent ) and can “torcher” it by calling it’s functions. Hence the name Torch Applet.Duration : 0:1:41

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new cloud brain

a processing applet that takes your tags, constructs a 3D structure out of them and their relevant terms — then animates new content against it, auto-classifying it’s tags and relevance. More info available at : 0:0:29

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