EJB 3 and Web Services I

A example using EJB 3 and a java desktop client acessing Web Service.Duration : 0:5:47

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This is a cool video to learn Enterprise Java Bean.In fact I found a very helpful stuff on EJB.This is so nice and helpful that I created the video so that it becomes visible to maximum people.The author is from “Mr. Kanti Prasad” . Authors email is at the end of the video.I just compiled it into a video format.Duration : 0:10:30

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ejb roles

*Sample section from VisualNotes For EJB 2.0
*All product materials are available for download as mp4 files playable on an iPod
*Visit us @ www.relativelogic.comDuration : 0:1:48

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Chapter06.Enterprise JavaBeans

JavaBeansDuration : 0:4:31

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