BMCC’s Multimedia Program is Hands-on

If you think computer programming is only for techies, think again. Or, even better, talk to Chris Stein.

An assistant professor in BMCC’s computer information systems (CIS) department, Stein teaches multimedia programming and design (MMP), which collectively comprises three areas — programming, video and art and design. Admittedly, the MMP offerings are best suited to students with some aptitude for technology and an interest in its practical applications. “But the courses are really about solving problems, designing games and creating art,” says Stein. “They are also great fun.”

More info: : 0:1:26

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cymatic online applet

i found some scientific toys on this site:
the most interesting one in my opinion, is the round/rectangular membrane waves applet, which is like a virtual cymatics thingy. i wish there were more stuff like this…something like a program that works with both audio and midi signals, and plays the sound continuously… anyone know something?Duration : 0:1:37

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Effective Java Programming with Joshua Bloch

Joshua Bloch, Chief Java Architect at Google, presents his Effective Java™ Programming Language Guide, the most practical, authoritative guidelines available for writing efficient, well-designed programs for the Java platform.

Joshua Bloch’s books:

Get all the OnSoftware Vidcasts-FREE: : 0:9:31

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[java] JDBC – Connect to access database

Tutorial connect to database by jdbc in java programmingDuration : 0:0:46

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Advanced Topics in Programming Languages: Java Puzzlers,…

Google Tech Talks
July 23, 2007


Java Puzzlers, Episode VI: The Phantom-Reference Menace/Attack of the Clone/Revenge of the Shift.
Josh Bloch and special guest star Bill Pugh present yet another installment in the continuing saga of Java Puzzlers, consisting of eight more programming puzzles for your entertainment and enlightenment. The game show format keeps you on your toes while the puzzles teach you about the subtleties of the Java programming language and its core libraries. Anyone with a working knowledge of the language will be able to understand the puzzles, but even the most seasoned veterans will be challenged. The lessons you take from this session are directly applicable to…Duration : 1:13:53

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Java ME and the Netbeans Mobility Pack

Google Tech Talks
May 3,2007


NetBeans Mobility Pack is a development environment for Java ME CLDC/MIDP, CDC developers. In this talk Martin will show what technologies and SDKs are supported, the latest features in 6.0 with a special focus on the build system (ant), managing multiple application ports and working with device database, deployment on real-devices. Credits: Speaker:Martin RyzlDuration : 0:52:59

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java enterpriseDuration : 0:6:55

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Basic GUI in Java

A tutorial showing you basic GUI in JavaDuration : 0:3:57

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Java 11: Swing GUI Intro

Using Netbeans 5.5.1 & Java 1.6:

int tempFahr = (int) ((Double.parseDouble(degreesTextField.getText()))
* 1.8 + 32);
fahrenheitLabel.setText(tempFahr + ” Fahrenheit”);Duration : 0:9:1

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This is a cool video to learn Enterprise Java Bean.In fact I found a very helpful stuff on EJB.This is so nice and helpful that I created the video so that it becomes visible to maximum people.The author is from “Mr. Kanti Prasad” . Authors email is at the end of the video.I just compiled it into a video format.Duration : 0:10:30

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