XHTML – 4 – Ordered and Definition Lists

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XHTML – 3 – Formatting paragraphs

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Canon Cheque ( CR ) Scanner | CR180 | www.somnet.co.in

The Canon CR-180 is an compact front-counter cheque-scanning device that captures MICR data with images of the front & back of cheques at speeds of up to 180 cheques per minute. Loaded with advanced back-office functionality, it rapidly delivers Canon’s proven high image quality and superior document handling for faster, more efficient cheque processing and electronic image exchange at the first point of presentation.

High-Speed Check Scanning
Scans check on both sides at up to 180 checks per minute (cpm). It is almost twice as fast as other compact check scanners. You can choose between black & white or grayscale. To value-add, it also comes with an advanced text enhancement and color dropout features. CR-180 allows you to load up to 200 checks on the tray at any one time.

Compact yet Durable
While its compact size is catered perfectly for desktop use, its superb durability is just like any other Canon’s production scanners. CR-180 boosts a shelf life of 24 millions scans*, with an average daily volume of up to 200,000 checks.
Priced very affordably, it is a must-have device for back office use in banks, check-clearing houses, back up machine in process center application or for other mission critical tasks.
*Maintenance and parts replacement are required

Advanced Text Enhancement & Color Dropout
With this value-added feature, letters, signatures or checks printed with illustrated or faint colored backgrounds can be emphasized for higher legibility.Color Dropout is another useful feature to improve OCR and text recognition by removing “unwanted” colors in the electronic images.

Over 99.99% accuracy in MICR Data reading
CR-180 reads the MICR line found at the bottom of each check with a high precision magnetic reader, and can also read this data simultaneously with OCR software.
Canon Scanning Utility software lets you save MICR data in different ways: save as a filename, tag of a tiff file, log file. The log file serves as a detailed and quick reference, containing fields like dates, file names, MICR data.

Double Feed Detection
This function automatically detects when two or more checks have been fed into the scanner at the same time. CR-180 is able to detect double feeds either by the thickness or length of your documents.

Built-in Imprinter
This function allows you to print up to 48 characters on the back of each check as they are scanned through the CR-180. Four different inks’ colors are available: black, red, green and blue.

Built-in Jogger Unit
A stack of checks loaded on the feed tray can be aligned before scanning. This is extremely useful so as to achieve a high MICR reading accuracy. It saves you the time and hassle to physically prepare each stack of checks prior to scanning.

Two Output Pockets
Not just one but two pockets so that you can sort scanned checks into two output pockets based on information printed in the MICR line. For example: Read and Error checks are sorted into Pocket 1 and 2 respectively.

Ease of Maintenance
The CR-180 opens on the side, which makes it easy to change the imprinter’s ink cartridge, clear a paper jam, or perform maintenance tasks such as cleaning the scanning glass and feed rollers.

Wealth of Software Bundling
Canon Scanning Utility is bundled with every CR-180. It is an application that does scanning, file saving, image viewing, printing, etc.

The ISIS/TWAIN driver is also bundled with the device and a Software Development Kit (SDK) is available for customizing scanner operation.

Silver Bullet’s Ranger Transport APIā„¢ Software Tool. As the industry standard, Silver Bullet’s Ranger Software allows customers to use virtually any item processing software with virtually any check scanning hardware. And Canon CR-180 is one of them. The inclusion of Ranger with the CR-180 enables most banks to upgrade to the new Canon Check Scanners without having to replace their current software solution.

With this inclusion, regardless of the software being used by a bank, CR-180 will most likely work in their environment. This is certain delightful news for both application developers and users alike.

Contact :
Somnet Dynagraphics Pvt. Ltd.
( Canon Corporate Partner)
B9A & 9B, IE Building,
Webel Electronics Complex,
P1 – Taratala Road,
Kolkata – 700 088
Phone : + 91 – 33 – 24017066 / 77
Fax: + 91 – 33 – 24017088
Email : info@somnet.co.inDuration : 0:2:58

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XHTML – 2 – Changing colors and adding paragraphs

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Java Chapter 3 Part 3 (BodyMassApplet)

Create the Applet in Chapter 3 of the Shelly Cashman book Java Programming for NMSU-Grants OECS216Duration : 0:9:58

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Wireless Networks, Hard Drive Failures, Web Browsers

http://live.pirillo.com – Taking live calls on the 888-PIRILLO line is always fun, especially when the questions are so diverse! This one entails more than one question/topic, so it was three times the fun!Duration : 0:9:55

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XHTML – 1 – Adding a title and body text to a webpage

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Quark XPress PS settings & Acrobat Distiller settings

Settings for Quark XPress to create Postscript files for output using Adobe Acrobat Distiller via Mac.Duration : 0:2:40

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An Overview of the Configuration of ISA Server 2006

During the installation of ISA Server 2006 you were given relatively few options for configuring ISA Server therefore it is important to understand how to use the ISA Server Management tool. This video helps you understand the ‘big picture’ of ISA Server management.

Highlights from this video:

* Using the ISA Server Management tool to manage your firewall and more
* How you configure your firewalls, networks, sets and rules
* Monitoring ISA Server
* Best Practices for monitoring ISA ServerDuration : 0:5:15

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Create PDF Files Without the Expensive Software

If you sell ebooks online (or want to), you have to make your ebooks available to as many people as possible. For that reason, most authors use PDF format.

PDF stands for Portable Document Format. This format was created by a company called Adobe Systems to allow people to share their files no matter what kind of software they had, or even what kind of computer they had.

To read PDF files, you just need a free tool called Adobe Acrobat Reader, which you can download from adobe.com.

Now, the best way to create PDFs is to use Adobe Acrobat (also available at adobe.com). It makes sense, doesn’t it, since Adobe created this particular format?

Adobe Acrobat, however, is not free. At the time of this writing, the software is $299.00. If that amount is out of your reach right now, it is possible to create your PDFs for free until you are able to invest in Adobe Acrobat.

This video will show you how to create your PDFs for free.Duration : 0:9:52

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