Java Programming #1 Basics: Screen Output (“Hello World”)

This is the first video on java programming, pretty simple, below is a little practice/challenge. When I first tried to upload this video, it was like 1 min. 30 sec. too long, so if its confusing, i’ll send u the other one, and if u want i’ll send u the one I recorded which the audio is off, so ill probably delete it soon.

\n –new line
\t –tab
\” –”
\\ –\

publid class fileName{
public static void main(String[]beans){
methods mth=new methods();;
class methods{
public void{
System.out.println(“HELLO YOUTUBE”);

write a program to output your initials using 5 lines with the characters \,|,/,_,-,(,),etc.

BONUS: Do it using one System.out.print();Duration : 0:10:4

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Install JCreator and JDK for Java Programming

This is a vid on how to install JCreator onto your computer, which can be used to create Java programs.
–I Finally Got A New Microphone :)

More videos on how to actually write programs will come later, and if you want to create programs without JCreator, message me and i’ll release a vid on how to do that, but it shouldn’t be necessary.

JDK & DOCs: : 0:8:16

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Java Chapter 3 Part 3 (BodyMassApplet)

Create the Applet in Chapter 3 of the Shelly Cashman book Java Programming for NMSU-Grants OECS216Duration : 0:9:58

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Java Programming – Password Checker

High quality version:—Password-Checker

A demonstration of me writing a simple password checking program in Java. The demonstration includes use of the ‘String’ variable and ‘if’ statements. You see me write the code in x2 speed. And then you see two runs of the code, one with the correct password entered, and one with the wrong password entered.

Please read all the credits! All songs and programs used are included in them! Make sure you read them please!

Please leave a comment and rate. Any questions I get I’ll try to answer ASAP. Please subscribe for more Java programming and other videos. Some Java program videos I make I also include a download link to download the executable version. Look out for those!Duration : 0:5:5

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Java Programming – The Riddle Game

My latest Java program, The Riddle. It’s a simple console output based game. You have to guess six riddles, can you do it? Will you reach the end with a perfect 6/6 score?

You can find out by downloading it! It’s as easy as clicking on this link: and downloading the very small installer! Try it out and give constructive feedback please.

The Riddle was built in JCreator. And compiled into an executable JAR by NativeJ.

Subscribe for more Java programming and downloads! Leave a comment and a rate on anything to do with the video or program and I’ll do my best to answer it ASAP!Duration : 0:1:45

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Turbo Pascal 303

Text handlingDuration : 0:4:18

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Turbo Pascal 302

The Crt UnitDuration : 0:3:37

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VB 6.0 Make a shutdown, restart, logout program

A quick tutorial on how to make a program that can log you out, restart your computer and shut it down, you can use this as a system control thing, or you can make a prank out of this so that it will shut your friends computers down or whatever. Sorry that there is no sound, my mic broke ages ago and I’ve been meaning to get a new one. Remember this NEEDS Visual Basic 6.0 but I tried this on .NET and it worked also.

You will need Visual Basic 6.0 which you can download here: : 0:5:46

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An Introduction to Test Driven Development in C#

A 10 Minute introduction to test driven development and unit testing using NUnit and C#. Produced as part of the Readify Developer NetworkDuration : 0:9:40

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Java Programming – Change Calculator

High quality version at:—Change-Calculator
If you want to see the code more clearly, please click the above link!

This is a short video of me in real time, programming a small application in Java, using JCreator. I did make some mistakes, I missed off 5 semi-colons. I fixed this when I ran the compiler, which isn’t shown.

Please comment and rate. I’m only currently learning Java. So this is a very simple program that runs using a basic output, such as JCreator’s General Output window or a Command Prompt window. In this video, you see it running from JCreator’s General Output window.
I may do another video like this. Perhaps something more complicated when I have an idea.

If anyone has a question about the code in this video, I’ll try to answer it.

Thank you.

*This video is in the “Science & Technology” category because it’s sort of “technology” related.Duration : 0:4:16

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