my ubuntu

This is my second successfully installed Linux Operating System in my laptop..Duration : 0:10:43

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How to Format a Computer : How to Format a Hard Drive: Computer Tips

Learn how to format a hard drive on a personal computer in this free diy computer instruction video from our hardware, software and networking professional.Duration : 0:3:4

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How to Format a Computer : How to Reboot Computer After Hard Drive Format

Learn how to reboot a personal computer after formatting the hard drive in this free diy computer instruction video from our hardware, software and networking professional.Duration : 0:1:45

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Microsoft Windows Memphis Beta 1525

Microsoft Windows Memphis Beta 1525, the beta of Windows 98. When WinSetup scans the hardware, it freeze…Duration : 0:10:5

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Nintendo DS hardware

Nintendo DSDuration : 0:1:46

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Find System Information ( Windows 98 Me 2000 XP )

Finding System Information In Microsoft Windows
Try this alternate Step if the MY COMPUTER icon is on the Desktop.

1) Locate My Computer on the desktop. Once you have located the icon click it once using the right side of the mouse. When you right click the icon a menu will appear. The bottom option will be properties. Left Click Properties to open the properties screen.
2) Once on the properties screen you will see all the system information. The system information screen will include: the version of windows, who the machine is registered to, the processor type, and finally the amount of ram in the machine. PLEASE SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE VIDEOS


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Apple Mac OSX – Leopard Welcome Video

Welcome video first viewed on all Apple Macintosh Computers Installed with Leopard upon first startup.Duration : 0:0:37

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How Red Hat got its name

Ever wondered how Red Hat got its name? You’re about to find out… Maybe. Listen as Bob Young, co-founder of Red Hat, tells three stories about how Red Hat got its name. Which one is true? Decide for yourself.Duration : 0:2:8

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MS-DOS and Windows 3.11 on Zip250 Disk aka Portable OS


Imagine, taking your OS with you without getting the Blue Screen of Death (BSOD). Just plug it in the USB port of the computer and start working or having fun. This can be done with windows 95 also, but it’ll be like running it off a Tandy or old IBM!!

All you need is an IDE or USB Zip100, 250 or 750 drive and the disk. Don’t mis-match the disk or drive cause it won’t work.

If your computer can boot off the USB ports on board, then plug the drive in, insert the disk and restart your computer. Make sure you got an old Windows 95 CD + boot disk (with CD-ROM drivers), DOS 5.0, 6.0 or 6.22 disks and Windows 3.11 or Windows for Workgroups 3.11 disks.

1. Insert the boot disk (windows 95) or first DOS disk in DRIVE A: (primary floppy drive).

2. Wait till you get the prompt (DOS setup screen for DOS disk. If you don’t wanna create the undo/backup disk, exit setup and type SETUP /? and look for the option to bypass it. Run the setup program with that command. Example: SETUP /G)

3. Proceed with setup of windows 95 (you’ll know how cause I don’t have to).

4. DOS users, make sure the zip disk is detected as drive C: or you might wreck your windows 95, 98, NT, 2000, XP or Vista installations.

5. Ensure DOS or Windows is installed to drive C: (the zip disk).

6. Proceed with the instructions provided with setup in windows 95, DOS users will have to insert all 3 disks to complete setup and reboot their PC WITH THE ZIP DRIVE AND DISK still plugged in.

7. DOS users have to setup Windows for Workgroups/Windows 3.11 by inserting the disk in the A: (primary floppy drive) and type: A:\SETUP

8. Go through the setup with defaults, accepting the current configuration. MAKE SURE ZIP DISK IS DRIVE C:!!

9. Windows for workgroups/windows 3.11 will prompt for each disk to get to the GUI part of setup, which will allow you ease of use for the rest of setup.

10. Once you get to the GUI part of windows setup, windows for workgroups will attempt to find your network card, then show you “Select components” screen, same with Windows for Workgroups. Click OK, proced with all defaults. Once you get to the Virtual Memory screen, click CONTINUE or OK. You don’t have to install a printer, just click OK or continue if your prompted.

Once setup stops prompting you to insert disks, restart the computer and THERE YOU GO, you’ve got a portable, take anywhere Operating System.Duration : 0:3:58

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Microsoft Windows 95 Sucks!

A song that tells the truth about Windows 95, you would have thought Windows would have evolved since then… Sadly Windows Vista is quite similar to this song as well.

So, it seems Windows 95 (and probably Vista) has failed.Duration : 0:2:7

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