Create PDF Files Without the Expensive Software

If you sell ebooks online (or want to), you have to make your ebooks available to as many people as possible. For that reason, most authors use PDF format.

PDF stands for Portable Document Format. This format was created by a company called Adobe Systems to allow people to share their files no matter what kind of software they had, or even what kind of computer they had.

To read PDF files, you just need a free tool called Adobe Acrobat Reader, which you can download from

Now, the best way to create PDFs is to use Adobe Acrobat (also available at It makes sense, doesn’t it, since Adobe created this particular format?

Adobe Acrobat, however, is not free. At the time of this writing, the software is $299.00. If that amount is out of your reach right now, it is possible to create your PDFs for free until you are able to invest in Adobe Acrobat.

This video will show you how to create your PDFs for free.Duration : 0:9:52

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Adobe Illustrator tutorial: Transform Again Adobe Illustrator tutorial: the Transform Again command. Extract from Adobe Illustrator Introduction training course held in London. This is a two day public course available to organisations and private individuals.Duration : 0:5:17

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my ubuntu

This is my second successfully installed Linux Operating System in my laptop..Duration : 0:10:43

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Java Programming – Password Checker

High quality version:—Password-Checker

A demonstration of me writing a simple password checking program in Java. The demonstration includes use of the ‘String’ variable and ‘if’ statements. You see me write the code in x2 speed. And then you see two runs of the code, one with the correct password entered, and one with the wrong password entered.

Please read all the credits! All songs and programs used are included in them! Make sure you read them please!

Please leave a comment and rate. Any questions I get I’ll try to answer ASAP. Please subscribe for more Java programming and other videos. Some Java program videos I make I also include a download link to download the executable version. Look out for those!Duration : 0:5:5

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LHN-TAS-01.5 Microsoft SQL 2005 Backup and Restore VSS Snaps

LeftHand Networks Technical Application Series

TAS-01 VSS Scriptable Snapshots and the LeftHand SAN – SQL 2005 Backup and Restore
Part 5 of 6

Have you run Microsoft SQL Server 2005 in an iSCSI Storage Area Network (SAN) and wondered how to create a server-free backup policy through the use of hardware based snapshot leveraging Microsoft’s VSS in order to provide consistent point in time snapshots. Every SQL Database Administrator and Storage Administrator should know how to leverage VSS snapshots in backup and restoration. This tutorial will guide a SQL Server 2005 Administrator to locating Database and Log files on separate iSCSI Volumes. Utilize the LeftHand Networks VSS Hardware provider to perform offhost volume snapshots which are application consistent point in time copies of data. Demonstration of Microsoft Access ODBC client access to data and data restoration demonstrations.

For Additional Information, or 1.866.4.IPSANS (866.447.7267)Duration : 0:9:59

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how to use hamachi software+how to create + join networks

how to setup, join and create networks with hamachi lan software you can download hamachi here

this is just one use for the software it is usually used by buisnesses to link computers togther and search their files easily so make sure you turn off file searching in the preferences if you join random games because people can access your files so only game with peope you trustDuration : 0:1:47

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~ FLASH ~ she’s beautiful in design!

The Online website builder allows creation of websites easily without any knowledge of HTML or FLASH. The website is instantly published to your own domain. You can have a full website live within minutes !Duration : 0:4:47

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Elitex 2008 Delhi – Seminar – IT Act India Digtal Signatures

Courtesy – ELITEX 2008 – India Habitat Centre, Lodhi Road , New Delhi
Electronics and Information Technology Exposition.

Session – Digital Signature for Authentication under the IT Act 2000
Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) for Digital Signatures – Debjani Nag of Controller of Certifying Authority

visit –

Description: Your online guide and consultant to cyber laws – India and International. Contains internet law information including a directory of cyber law related links and related news of the cyber space – IT Act, online legal issues, e-commerce, domain name, computer security and cyber cultureDuration : 0:3:25

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A Guide to Technology Funding

Winning technology grants requires more than filling out an application. Grants are increasingly tied to long-term strategies that demonstrate initiative in reaching the grantor’s mission.

If you want to be first in line for technology funding you must understand how to allocate and manage your funds. Grasp the following four technology expenditure areas and you’ll be ready to submit well documented and well reasoned proposals.


Hardware is usually the primary focus in technology funding. It includes computers (workstations), printers, scanners, and fax machines. If your organization is large enough, you might have different servers, backup systems, or extensive networking equipment.

Because of typically large initial cash outlays, hardware will include 50% or more of the total project costs.


Software includes the programs you need to run your hardware. Typically, software will comprise 15-20% of your total hardware budget. Be mindful of upgrade costs versus new costs. Look for lower priced opportunities if you buy software licenses in bulk.

For general office equipment like printers and scanners, software will usually be included in the hardware cost. For thoroughness, go through your hardware list and determine if software is needed. Or if an upgrade rather than an outright buy will do.Duration : 0:1:12

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Top Tips on Network Router Configuration

If you want to set up your own network, and you have multiple computers, you will need to set up a router. Cable (wired) routers, while still legitimate, are quickly becoming obsolete so this article focuses on wireless routers.

Most retail wireless routers will cover a large area in your home or office. However, to cut down on cable usage, you may want to place the router as close to your modem as possible. Your modem will have a phone line connection so it will be less mobile. Ideally, you would want your modem and router to be one device. Many ISPs will give you a modem/router but you’ll have to request it.

Wireless routers have built-in installation software that you connect with and use via an internet browser. You don’t need an internet connection to configure your wireless router. In fact, you can setup a network without an internet connection at all.Duration : 0:1:31

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